Signal Tower S-1058, Joint Base Pearl Harbor Hickam


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Provided inspection and repair of historic water tank and control tower.  Repairs included steel repairs, seismic upgrade of x-rod bracing, new emergency exist stairs and high performance coating.  Provided prime and structural consultation services, including construction documents and specifications, for various repairs and upgrades to the existing signal tower.  Design included replacement of existing stairs with new curved stairs, new egress stairs attached the elevator shaft, repair of corroded steel elements, and replacement of existing diagonal sway rods (due to insufficient capacity) with new high strength sway rods, AISC clevis and turnbuckles.  After repairs were completed, design included application of a high performance coating system.  This project also included addition of a new egress lighting system, new safety guardrails, addition of a lightning protection system, hazardous material removal, and installation of a new impressed current cathodic protection system.  We worked with NAVFAC Historic to perform repairs and upgrades while preserving the historic integrity of the structure.